logo-beaudelor.pngBeau de l'Or Beauty Spray was born several years ago in Beaudelor beauty salon in Amsterdam, led by Laurette NijenBandring de Boer. She has studied the many cosmetic products used in salons all over the world for treatment.

 It is that international experience that brought her to think about a new cosmetic product. Laurette explains: “During my many flights I discovered that the skin of my face and hands were always tense and felt drier. That gave me the idea to develop a product that could counteract these effects in one treatment. It took eight year to develop a formula that meets all the requirements. This formula is Divine Sensation; a unique spray that slightly tightens, refreshes and soothes at the same time.“

Divine Sensation is the first product that was launched on the Dutch market by Beau de l’Or. Through its experience in the beauty salon, Beau de l’Or can offer its customers products that meet the highest quality standards. It is planned to extend this series in the course of time with innovative cosmetics products.