Following the large number of positive reactions to our products, we have created this reaction page.

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Yolande says:

What a wonderful outcome Divine is! Long days on the road, heating at the highest level in the car or melting behind the wheel, the Netherlands is never consistent. I often sit in meetings, in dry meeting rooms. In your car mirror on the way home or café you often only see the effect of such a long day. In my case, shiny nose and cheeks. Not so attractive. No time (and sense) and too awkward to update all that well. And that is exactly what Divine does for you, it fixes and refreshes. The smell is also extremely tasty. Of course, in balance and subdued you can smell that it is just right in terms of ingredients. Very important, because especially if you use the spray in your face it should smell nice. As far as I am concerned, this is also the ideal and original gift for girlfriends, sisters, mothers. Hopefully many more people discover this product. Really a fantastic discovery.

Sylvia Dornseiffer says:

The spray Divine Sensation offers a solution when you are home as I am confined. Fortunately, it is temporary, but what dries your skin quickly because of the central heating and the lack of a pleasant breeze or downpour! Divine Sensation now resolves that for me and has a fantastic effect on my skin and mood. I can recommend the spray to everyone, young and old, for yourself, but also to give as a gift. Divine Sensation is not only delicious and wonderfully fresh, but in gift packaging it looks great too!

Jasmina says:

I got acquainted with Divine Sensations last year and I can not live without it! It is difficult to explain what a great effect this has on your skin, you really have to see and feel it. I travel a lot, deal with air conditioning, heat & cold, with Divine Sensations I keep my skin young and fresh. Very happy!

Janine says:

Finally a product that really works! It just does what it promises. What a refreshment and at the same time a soft skin. I have never found this super combination in any other product. So never leave the door without spray.

Petra Tiel says:

A life-saver, or in this case dry skin-saver, in winter. Air conditioning and heating in the car and in the office are far from pleasant. The Divine Sensation spray offers help and is therefore standard in my bag. Very fine product.

Linda van Dijk says:

The Divine Sensation Spray is a great product! I am a real make-up addict and use the Divine Sensation as a setting spray over my make-up to let my skin shine and let it sit perfectly all day. It also ensures that your foundation and powder do not look 'pancakerig'. And besides that, it is also a wonderfully refreshing boost for when I need a quick touch-up during my busy workdays as a beautician. Ideal!

Sylvie Grigoleit says:
I recently used Divine Sensation a lot when I was in a rehab clinic after an operation. The dry air through the resume there makes your skin very dry and by using the spray a few times a day I had no problems.
It is pleasantly refreshing, it clearly softens the skin and above all important to me; moisturizing.
In short, a nice product!
Nicoline van der Pas says:

It is certainly a discovery. Water refreshes but throws my eye liner, rouge and lipstick (the only thing I use) into disarray or let this sag and disappear. This Sensation is just Devine! Do not ruin your facial makeup and refresh instantly and make my skin soft. Moreover, I feel aware of a freshness that influences the last working hours of the day where I can use Divine Sensation well. Also for my neck just in between, it is an instant fix. I have it permanently in my bag!

Angelina Hammond says:

You know it, such a dull and tired feeling in the afternoon. Especially after a day with a lot of computer work and meetings. And you even read that from your face. That is why I think Divine Sensation is a godsend! Just a touch of the button and my face looks very different: fresh, radiant as if I have made a walk in the woods or just sat in the sun. It's crazy, if you give your face such a boost, you immediately feel more energetic. Top product, very nice and easy to use. Recommended!

Maaike van der Linden - Online content and pr says:

Very nice product! I notice indeed that my hands become soft after it has been withdrawn and it smells wonderful! Refreshing.

Sandra says:

What a wonderfully refreshing and nurturing spray! I always have the spray in my bag to use it several times a day. Very addictive spray! In comparison with other sprays, this has everything in one.